Nili’s Art Studio : Summer Workshop 2021 – Personalized Canvas Art

Nili’s Art presents our the Most Popular workshop – Personalized Canvas Art, where you can explore the Acrylic medium on Multiple pieces or large canvases!! We introduce fundamentals of Acrylics. Your child will be asked to bring their inspiration – an imagination, a toy or a photo that they took on vacation or other artwork image. Ms. Nili teach them how to think and project on canvas and if it is huge how to scale them. After that they work with paints and bring their thought in reality! How fun and proud moment to see that for a young Artist! Ms. Nilli is thinks that they can learn and create fabulous artworks with any skill level, even no experience at all!! We would love to build good student teacher relationship and make Art mediums more fun and without pressure. We take only 7 students to give personalized attention to all the students.

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