Art Supplies

It can be tough to justify the cost of pricey materials while beginning to learn. There is a fine line between saving money on discount materials and saving frustration.

Following is some of our lessons learned with art education.

Greatest art materials don’t compensate for poor technique.

There is no substitute for good technique. Putting on a pair of Air Jordans won’t immediately make you an NBA star. Working with the greatest gear and materials won’t have you showing at Art Basel without the skill to get you there.

“Don’t overcompensate with equipment. Start small and choose what works for you,”

Good art products won’t magically make you a talented artist.

But, they can help you enjoy the process more and produce a better end result.

“Practice makes perfect” is true for artists of any stage, it’s especially important to those starting out. With most mediums, there is more than just one material or tool involved in the process. And, trial and error is the only way to determine the combination that works best for you.  

You will need different materials for different stages in the learning journey.

When learning a new skill, students will be spending most of their time on repetition. Don’t worry about wasting expensive paints or materials during practice.

We recommend following products for practice at home:

Drawing Book – 11×14 inches: Use this book for charcoal and pencil colors. Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Paper is a very good general purpose sketch pad intended for practice of techniques, quick studies and preliminary drawing with any dry media. 400 series will allow you to save your student’s early drawings for a long time as the surface paper is acid free which prevents yellowing over time.

Castle Art Supplies Watercolor Pencils: These are water color pencils but you can use them as dry color pencils also. They give very vibrant colors. Their leads are break resistant and the colors dissolve well with less water.

Fabre Castle Soft Pastel Set: Faber-Castell Soft Pastel Sticks are multipurpose and ideal for new artists. They are silky-smooth and have intense color.

Staedtler Soft Pastel Chalk: They are removable and have brilliant colors. They last a bit longer.

Tombow Round Tip Monozero Eraser: This is a must when making an animal with fur or feather or a reflection in the water. This eraser is fine precision and gives perfection to sketching & drawing.

Staedtler Double Hole Sharpner: High carbon graphite sketching and charcoal pencils get a long nib with regular sharpener. These pencils have higher amount of carbon and as a result they are very flaky and brittle. When you try to work on your piece the nib breaks and you will end up sharpening repeatedly and wasting your resources. This sharpener is designed specifically to get short nib. With short nib there are less chances of breakage.

Staedtler Charcoal Pencil: This is the smallest set and a must have for darker shadows while sketching.