Continued recognition by expertise.com as Top 10 Art Teachers in Austin since 2017.

Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Austin Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Austin Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Austin Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Austin

Neena, age 6, LOVES art class, it is by far the best part of her week. She’s so meticulous and focused, and she feels so proud of her work. I’m so touched by it. Nirali is fabulous with the kids. Thanks for making Neena so happy!

-Lina Matthew

My son has been taking Nili’s Art classes at BCMS for about 6 months. I was so amazed when I saw his artwork! He enjoys drawing and painting so much! Each week he has so much excitement in his voice when he tells me about the drawing he did in class. The school art exhibit in February showcased so many different types of art which were all amazing! I would definitely recommend Nili’s Art to anyone for their child.

-Suneeta Belforte

My little artist, Jesse, budded in Nili’s Art Classes. Every piece of his work was so beautiful. He had not done much art and was not confident about attending the class before he started. His
“Try it” class hooked him! He loved working with paint and drawing so much that his confidence grew tremendously, every class. Thank you Nirali!! I am so grateful to you and your love and care of our son. Jesse and I will never forget you or your class and beautiful work you inspired him to create.

-Jacqueline Johnson

My 5 year old very patiently does the paintings and willfully goes to the class. Nirali handles younger kids with so much patience and gives them the details needed to do a excellent pain job. All his oil pastel work is worth saving for in binders. Thanks to the teacher.

-Kavita Balakavi

You will always be our favorite and dearest Art Class facilitator – thank you for the joy of painting, calmness and focus you brought to my sons life, we celebrate you!

-G &K Menon

I never knew that my 3.5yo daughter was capable of so much until I found Nirali as her art teacher. And that’s the best thing that I ever enjoyed seeing, my toddler girl immersing herself into her own world of fantasies… All her favorite things and characters coming to life with the colors that the cute little fingers touched up with those paint brushes. Nirali is so good at guiding each and every creation she wants to make, step by step, very patiently and sincerely. I truly enjoyed the at exhibition this April at her school displaying all her works. Thanks for your sincere efforts!

-Uthra Mohan

My daughter LOVED Nili’s Art Classes. She had such a lovely experience and still admires her artwork from the program and is so proud to show others. Keep up the good work!

-Prarthna Bhrambhat

My daughter loves being creative and doing art. I always feel that she can be herself when she does art! Sometimes modern art and sometime something which I can figure out what it is!!! Can’t believe the drawings she comes home with. I am no where as talented. It is awesome and she really likes the classes. All thumbs up for Nili’s Art

-Sneha Reddy

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Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Austin