2021 Summer Workshop – Warli and Madhubani (July 5th – July 9th)


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Nilis Art 2021 Summer Art Class Madhubani

Nilis Art 2021 Summer Art Class Madhubani

This workshop focuses on two of the Indian traditional folkarts – Warli and Madhubani. Students explore and learn about the roots of these folkart, the basic forms to complex compositions. During this workshop each student will create their final project on the large canvas which will be a the main fruit of this workshop on which they feel proud!!

Duration: 5 Days

Focused Age Groups: 6-14 Years

Date: July 5th – July 9th 2021

Time (Central Time):
9:00AM to 1:00PM ($290)

We offer limited seats per session to enable us to focus on the development of each individual. Please call 512-887-2835 for any subsequent questions.

Feel free to connect with us on our Facebook Community to share ideas, receive guidance or feedback. Please read about our recognitions here.

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