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Welcome to Nili’s Art Studio!

A Tinker Place for Creative Minds!

Everyone knows that art creation helps students with all other subjects at school and very therapeutic for all age adults! In our Creative Art Programs, students create an exciting project each week in our bright studio with artist instructor. These series of classes foster creative self expression, relaxation and confidence while exploring fundamental art techniques and concepts using a variety of different media. Students learn about painting, drawing, mixed media and sculpture in a relaxed, supportive environment, where they are encouraged to have fun, make friends, and explore who they are through the creation of unique works of art.  Scroll down to see lots of examples of the amazing work our Saturday Creative Kids have made over the years!

All materials and instruction are provided to students to explore the world of art!

Summer Workshops 2021

Our 2021 Summer Workshops are now offer now. We want to encourage the kids to express their ideas in story form. This first workshop focuses on building motor skills and building 3D objects by hand. They will learn perfecting basic shapes and then using the shapes and colors to build ocean animals. Most importantly the kids will have fun while learning to be creative.

Call 512-887-2835 to register or get more info on the workshop.

We are HIRING!!! Check out details here.

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