Seasonal Camps

Nili's Art Studio camps are uniquely designed to blend utility-based learning with innovative and unconventional mediums, fostering an environment where creativity knows no bounds and students can explore the vast potential of their artistic expression.

Why choose us?

Ms. Nili and her team have dedicated months to designing the 2024 camps, enabling students to explore techniques, learn from the best, socialize within a realm of creative freedom, and thrive in an imaginative environment. Immerse your child in a world of creativity with our meticulously crafted, uniquely designed 12-week art camps. These are tailored for three age groups: 4-7 years, 8-12 years, and 10-17 years, and take place in three exquisitely custom-designed tinker classrooms, ensuring an unparalleled artistic journey.

Whether your child is aiming to refine their skills or eager to experiment with new mediums, our camp provides the perfect setting for them to be social, creative, and imaginative.

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Summer Art

Nili's Art Studio offers vibrant summer camps where children can explore their creativity through diverse art mediums, enjoying the warmth and inspiration of the summer season.

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Fall Art

In October, Nili's Art Studio hosts autumn-themed art camps, inviting kids to create art inspired by the fall colors, Halloween themes, and the crisp air of the season.

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Thanksgiving Art

Thanksgiving art camps at Nili's Art Studio focus on themes of gratitude and family, encouraging children to express thanks through creative arts and crafts.

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Winter Art

Winter art camps at Nili's Art Studio offer a cozy, creative space for children to explore art activities that celebrate the winter holidays and the beauty of the snowy season.

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Spring Art

Spring art camp at Nili's Art Studio welcomes budding artists to celebrate the season of renewal with projects that draw inspiration from nature and the blooming environment.

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