Ages 4-8 Years

Explore, Experiment, Joyfully Learn Together, and Be Social at our Tinker Place for Creative Minds!


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Why choose us?

Ms. Nili and her team have dedicated months to designing the 2024 camps, enabling students to explore techniques, learn from the best, socialize within a realm of creative freedom, and thrive in an imaginative environment. Immerse your child in a world of creativity with our meticulously crafted, uniquely designed 12-week art camps. These are tailored for three age groups: 4-7 years, 8-12 years, and 10-17 years, and take place in three exquisitely custom-designed tinker classrooms, ensuring an unparalleled artistic journey.

Whether your child is aiming to refine their skills or eager to experiment with new mediums, our camp provides the perfect setting for them to be social, creative, and imaginative. Secure Your Child's Seat Today and Unleash Their Creative Potential!"

Textured Art

Dive into a sensory exploration with our Textured Art camp! Young artists will discover the magic of creating visual depth and interest using a variety of materials. From bubble wrap prints to salt painting, every day brings a new adventure. This camp encourages tactile learning and creativity, making it a memorable experience that will spark a lifelong love for art.

Air Dry Clay

Shape, sculpt, and bring your imagination to life with our Air Dry Clay camp! This hands-on camp allows young creators to mold their dreams into tangible art. Learn techniques to craft figures, animals, and decorations. As the week progresses, each artist will have a collection of creations to take home, showcasing their new skills in sculpting and painting. It's a perfect blend of fun and learning!

VEX Robotics L1

Enter the exciting world of robotics with our VEX Robotics camp. Designed for young minds, this camp combines the thrill of building robots with the basics of programming. Through teamwork and problem-solving, campers will construct robots that move, react, and complete challenges. It's a fantastic way to introduce STEM concepts in a fun, engaging environment that sparks curiosity and innovation.

Creative Canvas L1

Unleash your child's inner artist with our Creative Canvas camp! This immersive experience allows young painters to express themselves on canvas, exploring everything from landscapes to abstract art. With brushes in hand, they'll learn about color mixing, brush techniques, and the joy of creating their own masterpieces. It's a week filled with inspiration, creativity, and fun, perfect for budding artists.

Build City

Imagine, design, and build a miniature city! Our Build City camp invites young architects to plan streets, buildings, and parks using a variety of materials. This camp fosters creativity, spatial thinking, and teamwork, as campers work together to create a city from the ground up. It's an engaging way to learn about architecture and urban planning, all while having a blast.

3D Art

Step into the third dimension with our 3D Art camp! Campers will explore various techniques to create sculptures, mobiles, and mixed media art that pops out of the page. This camp encourages exploration and innovation, helping young artists to see the world from different perspectives. It's a perfect mix of fun and educational content, ideal for kids who love to think outside the box.

Collage - Mixed Media

Combine color, texture, and imagination in our Collage camp! Young artists will learn to tell stories and express emotions through the art of collage. Using paper, fabric, and recycled materials, campers will cut, glue, and layer to create vibrant artworks. This camp encourages creativity and environmental awareness, making it a fulfilling experience for any young artist.

Fabric Art

Dive into the colorful world of fabric art! Our camp introduces young artists to the basics of textile arts, including weaving, tie-dye, and fabric collage. It's a tactile experience that combines creativity with fine motor skills, perfect for kids who love to work with their hands. By the end of the week, each camper will have their own fabric masterpiece to wear or display.

Sketching 4-7 Years

Bring your imagination to paper with our Sketching camp! This camp covers the basics of drawing, from simple shapes to more complex figures and landscapes. Young artists will learn to observe and translate the world around them into sketches, developing a foundation for all types of art. It's a great way to boost confidence and creativity, offering a fun and supportive environment for budding artists.

Try Everything

Can't decide on one art form? Our Try Everything camp offers a sampler of different art techniques and mediums. From painting to pottery, and even a little bit of animation, campers will have the chance to explore a wide range of artistic expressions. It's the perfect camp for curious minds eager to discover their favorite form of art in a fun, exploratory setting.

Watercolor + Pastels

Discover the beauty of watercolors and pastels in our vibrant camp. Young artists will learn to blend colors, create soft textures, and bring their artistic visions to life. This camp encourages experimentation and self-expression, providing a peaceful and inspiring environment for creativity to flourish. It's an ideal way to introduce young children to the joys of painting and drawing.


Bring stories to life with our Puppets camp! Campers will design and create their own puppets, from fantastical creatures to characters of their own imagining. Through the art of puppetry, they'll learn storytelling, performance, and craft skills. This camp is perfect for imaginative kids who love to perform and create, offering a unique blend of art and theater.